How to Store Coffee for Maximum Freshness

Coffee lovers tenderly spend time on each aromatic cup of magic potion and like a dutiful sidekick the pour-over brew method completes this relationship. The control of a coffee dripper allows water to hug coffee grounds for longer at each layer of the cup, allowing for a more delectable flavour. And while the method matters in ensuring your cup contains all the nuanced layers and evokes all the right emotions, it is also important that your coffee grounds be ripe with freshness.

The dream is to have fresh ground beans for each serving but not everyone has that much time. Especially if you’re hooked to your coffee through an IV, it’s more practical to use coffee ground up beforehand.  The general consensus is that ground coffee maintains their freshness only for one week but if you’re an everyday human like the most of us, you can probably make it into the 3rd week before having to replenish your stock.

Coffee Drippers use finely ground coffee which means you would need to ensure maximum precautions to protect the flavour from escaping, because the greater surface area means easy exposure.  Here’s where you need to take heed of the sign on your coffee bag/can which notes, ‘store in a cool, dry place’.

The most basic storage instructions are to keep your grounds safe from air, moisture, heat and light. You don’t want the elements eating away your valuable coffee’s aroma while it patiently waits to be brewed. Always store grounds in an air tight container so that all the flavourful goodness stays sealed in. You want to retain the flavour of coffee but also keep out other smells. Imagine brewing your coffee to be surprised with the tang of garlic or curry! If ordinary kitchen air-tight containers aren’t satisfactory enough, invest in a special coffee canister which seals in the grounds airtight and also manages to dispose off of CO2 build-up.  Another essential tool for keeping your coffee fresh in the coffee bag is the Coffee Scoop with an integrated bag clip. This little nifty gadgets means you do not need any bulky storage containers.

Maintain temperature in the area where you keep the coffee – variations or extremes of cold and hot will diminish the flavour and any condensation will cause a bitter taste and aroma. Note that if you will not be brewing coffee for a few days you can store it in your freezer (never fridge) for up to two weeks. But once your coffee is thawed, do not freeze it again.

If you buy your coffee in bulk, separate out a week’s worth into a separate container so that you don’t have to open the main supply every day (or multiple times a day) and create a passage for air to swivel in like the evil captain bringing along its force of moisture and smells.

With your coffee grounds properly protected, you can look forward to a great tasting brew without having to clean out the grinder everyday!

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