Pour Over Gooseneck Kettle with Thermometer


Are you a passionate tea lover or coffee aficionado looking for the ultimate temperature control tea or coffee kettle to take your daily home brewing ritual to a whole new level and add a touch of elegance to your kitchen?


Indulge In The Luxury Of Divine Coffee Or Tea With Java Maestro Pour Over Kettle


Steer clear of cheap coffee kettles that burn your aromatic coffee grounds, spoiling the fresh flavour of your cup of coffee and treat yourself to your freshly brewed morning cup of joy with a HIGH-CAPACITY 1.2lt Stainless Steel pouring kettle!


Excellent Manufacture


With the accurate BUILT-IN THERMOMETER, our temperature control coffee dripper kettle prepares water in the ideal temperature to release all flavour for your delicious cup of coffee or tea, saving you from guesswork and ensuring the perfect brew!


While most coffee kettles on the market make a mess during hand drip process, this high-end, barista-grade coffee pour over kettle features THE LONGEST GOOSENECK SPOUT for smooth, even flow to provide your aromatic coffee grounds or tea leaves with all the time they need to get evenly moistened for the most delicious cup.


Safety & Functionality


With a BAKELITE HANDLE to offer firm grip for optimal control and ensure your fingers are not burnt during use, Java Maestro makes an ergonomic stovetop tea or coffee kettle suitable for most electric, gas and induction stoves.